FAQ's from "Ask Alan Adler"

What's the best grind for AeroPress?

Ordinary drip grind is about right for pressing 3 scoops. But for single servings, espresso grind will give you more flavor for your money. I often set a grinder about halfway between drip and espresso. You can do that at home if you grind at home, or with the your store's grinder.

If pressing takes longer than 60 seconds, use a coarser grind. If it presses faster than 30 seconds, a finer grind will give richer flavor for the same amount of coffee.


How long does your pressing take?

It takes 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the amount of coffee and the fineness of grind.


Why press gently?

Pressing gently is fastest. And fastest gives the smoothest brew. If you press too hard it compacts the bed of coffee and blocks the flow. I like to press into a clear mug and see individual drops fall. That's about 12 pounds of force.


Do you recommend Aeropress Go for home use as well? My current Aeropress numbers are not as visible anymore and seal leaks air sometimes when pressing I'm considering replacing it with Aeropress Go. My Aeropress is my favorite device I have ever owned. Thank you, Allan. – From Jim M.

Certainly the AeroPress Go will work fine in your home. The AeroPress Go is a somewhat smaller AeroPress that includes a cup and lid for use for pressing and drinking and also as a carrying case when on he go.

I am sorry the numbers on your chamber are not as visible anymore. You can mark the outside of your chamber with a Sharpie pen.

Your seal leaking is an indication that your seal is worn. You don’t need to buy a new AeroPress. Just buy an inexpensive replacement seal on our website, aeropress.com. Thank you for being such a fan of the AeroPress.


As we all know you designed the Aeropress to brew in classic way so what do you think about the invert way to brew? And did you imagine in the ways that arose in its use? – From Santiago C.

Users have invented many different ways to use the AeroPress, including the inverted way. We don't recommend that because we don’t want people to get burned. But you can extend the steeping time by inserting the seal a half inch or so into the top of the chamber and thereby stopping any drip through until you start pressing. But extended time adds bitterness.


My partner bought me a new aero press for my birthday. We have used a friends before. When we use it (first time and second) the water falls straight through (doesn't drip). Is it faulty? We have followed the instructions and video – my friends lets water pass slowly, this just falls through. Thank you for your help. – From Olwen D.

It is normal for a small amount of coffee to drip through prior to pressing. If you are experiencing an excessive amount of early drip through, you need to use a finer grind of coffee and to give the chamber a shake to level the bed of coffee. One way to confirm that the grind is the problem would be to brew using your friend’s ground coffee in your AeroPress.


How to lubricate Aeropress? Thanks. – From Vincent P.

I sometimes use some olive or other cooking oils to lubricate a new AeroPress seal but once an AeroPress gets into regular use, I find coffee oils provide enough lubrication.


Is AeroPress designed to last for a lifetime? – From Titta J.

When used as directed, all but the rubber seal should last for decades. But the rubber seal might need replacing after a few years. You can order replacements for any lost or worn parts at aeropress.com.


Is the AeroPress Go cup microwave safe? If not, can you make one? Would be a nice way to heat up the water for the coffee when on the go. – From Jordan W.

Yes, the AeroPress Go mug is microwave safe.


Why don’t you offer metal filters?

Coffee which has been only metal filtered contains two unhealthy chemical which increase your LDL cholesterol.

See https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/06/070614162223.htm

Paper filters remove these unhealthy chemicals.

Furthermore, blind-tasting tests that we conducted with coffee professionals and every-day coffee lovers revealed a decided preference for paper filtered coffee.


I was surprised to learn that the AeroPress can be used to brew cold brew. Do you drink cold brew and if so, how?

I enjoy drinking cold-brewed American coffee or lattes at room temperature. But you can also chill the brew with ice or heat it in your microwave oven if you wish.

You should definitely try our cold brew instructions. It only takes a minute longer and you'll be amazed at how delicious it tastes.



Source: https://aeropress.com/ask-alan/